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Empowering and connecting women
since 1930

About Town Club


Town Club is a private social club for members and their invited guests, located at 1081 East South Temple in Salt Lake City’s historic Avenues neighborhood.

The Purpose of Town Club is “to develop and foster charitable, civic, educational, recreational and social activities among the members."

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Image courtesy of Jennifer Malherbe

History of Town Club in Salt Lake City


Mrs. F. C. Schramm (Wynn Coman), our founder, was born in Portland, Oregon, April 12, 1877, and died in 1945 at the age of 68. On April 28, 1930, she invited eleven women to her home to discuss the possibility of founding a club in Salt Lake City, Utah. Town Club was organized at this meeting. Mrs. Schramm was elected the first President of the Club, and under her able leadership, it became a progressive and important organization.

Each April, the founding of Town Club is celebrated honoring the anniversary of her birthday. Her portrait was painted by Lee Greene Richards and was commissioned by members of Town Club in 1945. The painting traditionally hangs over the fireplace in the Middle Lounge.

Town Club’s first home was the former Sherman-Jackling home at 731 E. South Temple. That building was constructed in 1898 and was leased until 1939 when the Club purchased the home of the Charles C. Bintz family at 1081 E. South Temple. The Bintz home was built in 1909 by Mrs. Frances Walker, widow of Samuel Walker, eldest of the Walker brothers. In 1972, the home was placed on the Utah Historical Register.

Guests and Members are Invited to Download our Info Sheet Here 

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